Cutting Cat Whiskers

If you have a cat or have an interest in cats. You’ve probably heard that the whiskers of cats keep their balance or should not be cut. It’s true that everything in the body has its job. As well as the functions of the whiskers of the cats. People who fed cats in their house thought of cutting their cat’s whiskers once before. So what do cat whiskers do? Will it be cut? Do cat whiskers grow back?

What do cats whiskers do?

Contrary to the belief. There are other tasks for moustaches that have no effect on the balance of cats. Cats can detect vibrations around them through the nerve ends found in their whiskers. They protect themselves in the slightest danger. The whiskers is also a big part of hunting. It’s like a radar-seeking moustache can detect even the slightest movement in the area. They also measure the size of the areas they can enter with their whiskers. Cats use their whiskers like ruler and find out if their bodies can fit anywhere.

Another function of the whiskers is related to the fact that cats cannot see the close distance. The whiskers has a great function in detecting objects at close range. So they also help them move at night.

Can You Trim Cat Whisker? Do Cat Whiskers Grow Back?

Cats have 6-12 whiskers on each side of their cheeks but whiskers are not only found in the face area. Cats have whiskers, even on their eyes, chin, ears and feet. The whiskers on the lip are made of strong hair and they are equal length on both sides of the lip. These hard hairs can naturally fall out. In some cases, it may need to be cut, except for spills. For example: It may need to be shortened as a result of destroying items in the house. This should be recommended by veterinarians.

A special whiskers shaver can be used to shorten the whiskers of cats.when cutting a fine, be very careful because the whiskers of cats have nerve endings. The whiskers cut can adversely affect the health of cats. These nerve endings are highly sensitive, so they can be damaged quickly. The whiskers that was cut will grow back.

In this article, can you trim cat whiskers? What do cats whiskers do? And Do cat whiskers can grow back? We talked about.

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