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February 6, Türkiye had too many erathquakes. Earthquake Today at Turkey is made all of us upset. Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep and Malatya is most affected cities in Türkiye

Today at 04.17am Türkiye had an earthquake power is 7,7. Today in the morning, this new made all of us sad. Aftershocks powers up 6,6. While afterchocks continuing Türkiye had another earthquake and its almost the powerful earthquake. That power was 7,5. Earthquakes and afterchocks still continuing.

Also other parts of the world some earthquakes are happen. Chile and Indonesia had almost 5 magnitude earthquake. You can find all earthquakes from this website.

Boğaziçi observatory is one of the trustable source of earthquakes in Turkey. You can see earthquakes from Boğaziçi observatory website.

The number of dead reached 17674, the number of injured reached 71814 and the number of destroyed buildings reached over 6454 in Turkey.

State of emergency declared for 3 months. Stock Exchange Istanbul transactions were stopped. Loss %30

“Experts say that there is no such example in the world for the earthquake. We have appointed additional governors and district governors. One of our ministers is accompanying the disasters in each province. We immediately mobilized 100 billion lira of resources,” Erdogan said. used his statements. Erdogan also announced that a state of emergency was declared for 3 months and will cover 10 provinces. Making a statement in Kahramanmaraş, Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu said, “We are in a serious struggle, there is a need for cooperation. We are racing against time, we are trying to reach everywhere. Provocative rhetoric should be avoided.” Evaluating the looting allegations, Minister Soylu said, “A couple of isolated incidents have been detected, other than that, there is no such thing in Turkey.” made the statement.

You can reach Turkish version of this news from this link.

I hope this natural disaster will come to an end. Before we get hurt and more casualties… We wish our condolences to those who lost their loved ones and healing to the injured.

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