How to Help Turkey Earthquake?

At Febuary 6, 2 earthquakes happen at Turkey. That is make all of us sad. Everyone want to help Turkey, because there is 10 city affected from that earthquake. There is 20213 people dead for now, 80052 injured from earthquake. Even though it’s 114 hours after earthquake, people contineu to be rescued from the werck alive.
So, How to Help Turkey? What we can do from a long distance.

What Happened In Turkey?

Major earthquakes struck the south eastern region of Turkey on February 6th. Thousands of people lost their families and homes, everything. Thousands are waiting to be rescued in 10 provinces.

How to Donate Money?

AHBAP: A trusted local valuntary network that is currently on board with vlonteers in the affected regions. You can donate with credit card or crypto etc.
AFAD: Turkey’s official disaster and emergency management authority. You can see official IBAN number and some other methods.
AKUT: is voluntary, non-gavernmental organization involved in searching. They are fully transparent about how they spend donations they receive.
1 US Dolar equal 19 Turkish Liras.

How to Donate Supplies?

Contact with the “Embassy of Türkiye” in your country. Some are gathering supplies to send us. Check their official accounts first.
Some examples: Embassy of Türkiye in Madrid @tcmadridbe on Instagram
Embassy of Türkiye in Athens @AtinaBuyukelciligi on Facebook
Embassy of Türkiye in Kuwait @turkiyeinkuwait on Instagram

How to Help Your Friends?

Check on your friends in Turkey, they need you. Let them know that your heart with them. Be aware of your words.

On behalf of my country and those victims, i really thanks for your helps. Also you can follow lastest news from here.

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