Microtubules are crucial components of the cytoskeleton, the structural framework that maintains the shape and organization of cells. They are cylindrical structures made up of protein subunits called tubulin. Which form long, hollow tubes that extend throughout the cell. In this article, we will explore the functions and properties of microtubules, as well as how they compare to other components of the cytoskeleton, such as microfilaments.

What are Microtubules?

They’re tubular structures in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells. The external periphery is 24 nm, the wall consistence is 5 nm, and the space( Lumen) in the center is 14 nm. Their length is variable and they don’t show branching. It doesn’t have a limiting membrane around it. They made of 2 spherical proteins called T and T tubulin. Tubulin is organizing in the form of erected- in protofilaments resemblant to the axis of the tubule. 13 protofilaments complete a complete helical gyration. Microtubuluses always correspond of an organizational center. That is, it begins to form certain Center.

Microtubules grow by polymerization of protofilamentsub-units. This addition occurs more fleetly at the free end of the tubules. It fleetly growing tip is considered( positive)( nucleation point). The other end that grows sluggishly is the negative(-) end. Antimitotic alkaloids similar as colchicine, vincristine, and vinblastine bind to the point of nucleation, blocking the growth of microtubules. In this way, vinblastin and vincristin are using in cancer treatment because they block polymerization and help spindle beachfront conformation and cell division during mitosis. Microtubulus are setting up in the cell, in the axonem of the cilia and flagellum, in the rudimentary body of the cilia, in the mitotic spindle fibrils, in the structure of the centriol, in Long cell extensions similar as the Axon, and scattered in the cytoplasm. Sil, centriol and those set up in the rudimentary body.

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