The motherboard is one of the most essential parts of the computer. It’s not just available on computers, it’s available on almost any electronic device. If you can read this right now, it’s the motherboard.

What is motherboards?

The computer’s skeleton is a motherboard. Pocessor, RAM and other hardwares to work together and communicate with each other in coordinated. The more power your board allows, the more performance it has on it.

What does Motherboards?

-Distributes power
-Communicates with other hardwares
-Allows data flow
-Determines the performance of the computer

What Sholud I Choose My Motherboard For?

-Purpose of usage
-Processor and motherboard compatibility
-Case and motherboard compatibility
-RAM and motherboard compatibility

The most imported thing is your pupose of useage. You need to choose the cheapest motherboard that has which you wanted specialties.

Which motherboard is best for gaming? The best is which work excellent with the other hardwares.
Asus B550, Gigabyte B450 etc.
Almost all companies has motherboards series. Which one you choose is up to you. There is some motherboards companies: MSI, ASUS, GIGABYTE…

Motherboards Types

There is four type of motherboards. These are XT, AT, ATX and BTX. This variation is due to motherboards size and sockets.

XT Motherboards: It was the first type of motherboards used in personal computers. It is fixed on the processor. Built for 8086 and 8088 microprocessors. Additional hardware is 8 bit.
AT Motherboards: It started to be used in 1982. It uses ISA, PCI, and APG buses. Processor replacement is not possible. When buying an AT motherboards, attention should be paid to the keyboard input. Because the keyboard input is wide-ended.
ATX Motherboards: There is a lot of input and output support for THE AT boards. The installation of Donani units is more convenient, so it is widely used today. ATX motherboards are only used in ATX vaults. Because the power supply is unique. They’re made for small crates.
BTX Motherboards: The main reason this board is built is because it can better cool the processor and hot parts. To perform this operation, the connections around the processor have been moved to various parts of the motherboard.

In our content, we gave a short and concise information about the motherboards. You can read more information on Wikipedia. Do not forget to read SSD vs HDD.