What is My Graphics Card ?

A Graphics Card, also known as a video card or GPU, is a hardware component that is essential for displaying images, videos, and games on a computer. It is responsible for rendering graphics and transmitting them to the monitor.

What is Your Graphics Card?

You can learn the technical specifications and model of your GPU in detail from your computer. To do this, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Right click to taskbar bottom of your screen. And click ‘Task Manager’.

2. Open the task manager. Over there click to Performance. If you dont see the tabs, you have to click ‘More Details’ .

You will see details of your GPU. If your computer has more than 1 GPU, you will see both like GPU and GPU 0.

Other way to learn your GPU is from RUN.

  1. First you will press Windows+R and Run will open.
  2. You have to write ‘ dxdiag ‘ and enter. Accept the terms.
  3. Over there first you will see all your computer specifications.
  4. Top of that screen you see DISPLAY . Click that.
  5. And you are looking your GPU specifications

In this article I explained What is My Graphics Card? How to Learn My Graphics Card? . Also may What is RAM? take your attention.

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